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ckgdesign, post: 207891 wrote:
Bit surprised how many people have decided to roll the dice with places like fiverr.

If the ‘designer’ is sending through “100 concepts” then they aren’t even designing a logo for your company.

A good logo isn’t a logo that necessarily looks nice. A company logo should communicate what your company stands for, who your target audience is and what sort of price range your product or service offers. People make decisions based on what your logo looks like. Your logo may be the only thing a person sees when deciding whether or not to buy your product.

Don’t buy a car based on their logo? Don’t buy a computer because you don’t like their logo? The list continues.

If you’re spending $5 or even $40 on a logo, the job isn’t being done correctly by both you and the designer. If that’s the price you’re putting on the face of your company, then you aren’t valuing your business highly enough.

So what do you suggest one would have to pay for a logo, even if it doesnt look nice.