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bb1, post: 208006 wrote:
Sorry have to disagree with this one how many times have you been to the doctor and he/she says it could be this, or this or that. Lets start with this pill, if that doesnt work after a week heres a script for pill 2, and if you are still sick, come back and see me in 2 weeks. Sorry I know to many people who have had to go to multiple doctors over a long period of time. I wouldnt be using a doctor as an example of this, having said that if my doctor is listening to this thread, keep doing the fine job you are doing.

But you get my point, right?
Just pretend instead of a doctor, I used… ummm… a bungee jumping operator in my example, you don’t choose and pay them lots of money to give you 100 options of how they could secure your rope to your legs, you choose them because they know what they’re doing and you trust that the solution they provide to fit your unique ankles will be the best possible option.

Weird example, but my brain is currently occupied with logo design and there’s not much space left over.