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We’ve used 99designs.com for about 5 logos. We used the around $299.00 guaranteed prize option. As with anything you get the ‘designers’ just using Microsoft word and saying it’s a logo, but then the more serious really want to win and add to their winners port folio. We’ve been really happy with the final results.

Being your first comp you need to email asking to make it invisible as most don’t want to have their work displayed as people knock of their designs then add them back in to your comp. I like the fact that you have people actively competing against each other for the work. You give ratings and comments along the way which helps all tweak their work to what you’d like. You can have up to 10 friends etc also rate their preferences.

At the end there’s a contract between you and the designer in relation to owning the design etc.

99designs had a tweaking site called Swiftly which is now rolled in to their main site and is https://99designs.com.au/tasks/ If you find a logo somewhere you like and don’t have the time or skills they can do generally same day. Such as change colour, wording etc and it $19.00 per task or you can buy credits.

Other options are:

https://creativemarket.com/templates/logos (sign up and they send you latest deals a couple of times every week). They have packs of logos that may be of interest.