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Tony Manto, post: 205548 wrote:
Hi Muss & Jack, my advice is to find an agent. If you are dealing with China, it is very difficult! But if you have a Chinese importer as your interpreter, they have the contacts and know their way of doing business. It might cost a bit more but you have greater success. The next barrier is quantity. They will want big orders. At this point in your growth cycle I would find a local manufacture, and printer regardless of the cost and get your prototypes made so you can refine and gain interest. Then once you have your product ranged refined and test marketed, you have more confidence and examples to send over to get your final price.

I agree with Tony. It is much lower risk if you can find yourself a reputable agent. Typically you will pay around 15% for an agent but most of that you should recover from their negotiation skills.

Good luck with the venture.