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Hey buddy,

We own and operate an SEO and Digital Marketing business with international clients, so I think I can probably help here

First thing I would say-unless your using a paid domain that you own, dont spend a penny promoting traffic, or seo to it.

Although the chances are slim, if they wanted to an unpaid site can be removed at the drop of a hat, and all the work will be wasted.

I just wrote a 10,000 word guide on analysing your business current website roi, the potential traffic and the cost to attain it etc (I think it may be in my signature) but heres the general rule of thumb

PPC and adwords will get you traffic now, but you will only continue to get traffic while you pay

SEO and content marketing will help improve your conversions and grow your organic traffic over time

If you have the time to invest I would suggest performing manual outreach to potential clients in forums, blogs, meet and greets etc as its highly effective for lower cost

Have you used any keyword tools to track the potential traffic to your site? Do you know where that traffic hangs out online?
Is that traffic worthwhile to acquire, or would simple PPC workout cheaper?

If you want to chat more in depth i’m happy to help for 15 minutes over skype?

We have a contact form here to book in a time http://www.twotreesmarketing.com/contact-us that will give you our current availability

In terms of free traffic generation, learn your market, track the trends, interact as much as you can with them online, utilise others platforms via adverts or guest posts etc, or sponsorship

What you have to understand is, its always new tweaks to be made, but each tweak improves and increases your sales-and online there is a whole heap of potential for you to take hold of

Good Luck!