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Thank you for the reply and the great information, will be looking into adding a blog i have just done a lot of updating to the website.

If you have time would appreciate you taking a look and give me feed back


Erol, post: 206485 wrote:

The google SEO algorithms have changed meaning that the backlinks/links you are getting from localblue, yellowpages, yelp, etc. are not as important as they once were.

The number of links to your website still matter however its all about “quality” and “relevance” now. Hence, adding your website to directories will not increase your traffic.

Also when I google “site:www.murphyelectricalcontractors.com” you can see all pages of your website that are indexed.

99% of your headings

tags are “Electricians”, “Murphy Electrical Contractors” and “Gold Coast”.

This is great if your clients are searching for “Murphy Electricians Gold Coast”, if however clients searched for “Electricians Gold Coast” you would most likely be missing out since there are pages that are older with greater domain authority then yours. Not to mention the Adwords campaigns run for those keywords.

If you are on a budget and can’t spend money on targeted FB ads or Adwords. I would recommend adding a Blog to your website.

You could install WordPress that has user-friendly admin feature to help you schedule and publish blog posts.

I would then go about creating blog posts with “long-tail keywords” – essentially these a long phrases of words put together. A free tool you can use to find these phrases is http://keywordtool.io/.

For example: I entered “what is surge protection” and found a popular search phrase: “what is difference between surge protector and power strip”

Now create a blog post with the heading “what is difference between surge protector and power strip”. Explaining the difference and giving your knowledge. Inside the article add a link back to websites services section as well. Please don’t copy and paste information from another website as that will bring down your ratings!

Essentially you are targeting these phrases that most websites miss, you are creating valuable and quality content that google and users will appreciate. There is a chance that this article could be linked to from another quality website increasing your websites authority. This can all be done on a zero budget. Hope that helps!

Erol Balci