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Thanks MDClean,

It has been a busy week. So a recap on how I went

Progress from last week

  • Purchase domain name – done
  • Order business cards – done
  • Create content for website including:
    • Home page – done
    • About – done
    • Coaching info page – done
    • Speaking info page – done
  • Draft of two solid blog posts. – done.
  • Speak with at least 6 people from my friends and network. One will be a fellow life coach who I could potentially collaborate with – we have spoken about doing so. Its now time to pull that trigger. – I have contacted people but haven’t spoken to 6 people.
  • Spend 30 minutes each day interacting with forums – no I have been slack with this
  • Write up first version of speech and practice over the phone with mate (and receive feedback) – written the speech. Haven’t practiced it with a mate
  • Run website past my own coach, who is also an amazing internet marketer, and get his feedback – no not yet. Though I have run it past another mate who has some success online.

Take aways this week

  • I had two big things from my day job that I didn’t take into account. As a result I lost my weekend and my tuesday and didn’t work on my business at all. Lesson Learnt: Double check work schedule.
  • Working with someone else is a lot more fun. Build a support network that I actually talk to regularly, either over the phone/skype or in person – already organised a call next Monday :)

Actions for this week (till next monday)

  • Update website functionality including
    • Google Analytics
    • Aweber account
    • Email opt in form
  • Get in touch with blogs who have target audience and organise to do a guest post.
    • Create a short list of blogs (aim 50) with description of target and writing style.
    • Email the blogs (I’m not just going to spam them with a generic email. I plan to have a template email and customize bits to suit the person I am sending it too.)
    • Goal = 2 guest posts organised
  • Reply to some forum posts, and some PM’s people have sent me. Ideally get those PM’s on the phone/skype.
  • Follow up photographer and get a due date for professional photos. Ideally by Monday. If I have them back by Monday I will have put them on my website
  • Share speaking engagement FB page on my Facebook and on forums

Any feedback or suggestions I could take on? Cheers

Oh and as mentioned above I am on a group of panelist around relationships talking about how to create a juicy relationship. If you are in Sydney you can find out more info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/759453670775746/