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Jenny Spring
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TFbond, post: 206073 wrote:
Hi everyone,
I’m currently running a house/bond cleaning company etc. At the moment we are servicing a large area about forty minutes in each direction. At first we were just happy to be getting so much business. As its picked up dramatically and to help with petrol/time we tried to include a call out fee for the furthest area for new customers. It doesn’t seem to have gone down well. So I was wondering what are the legalities and issues with marketing if we just split the area into two for example North and South Sydney Barrys Carpet cleaning etc and just charged a higher rate for one of them(furthest away obviously). We advertise extensively on facebook so we weren’t too sure how we should approach it. Have the main account and run specials for both and than have separate pages with their individual pricing guide. If anyone has experience or ideas it would be greatly appreciated.

You are better off coming up with a price that covers all the regions you plan on servicing. In some areas, you’ll not have as higher profit margin than in others.


Split up into 2 Facebook pages, and name the business ‘North Sydney Carpet Cleaners’ and ‘South Sydney …’. You’ll pay the same for advertising, or close to it, and then you can charge what you like for each area.