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SmallBusinessMarketing, post: 206335 wrote:

Woke up this morning and checked… it’s all good! Rankings don’t even seem to have been affected too badly! Oddly the site which was incorrectly cached is also ranking along side my side!

I know a lot of you guys work in SEO so I guess if you’re ever faced with this you can let your clients know that after removing all the possibilities and refetching you just have to wait a few days.

Who would I need to speak to about removing the links/disguising the website names in this thread?

Thank you all so much for your help and keeping me sane!

Great to hear – check the cache date of your page now. After your fetch and re-submission via WMT it’s now showing the 14th of Jan and the problem is resolved as suspected.

The [other business] page is yet to be re-crawled. When it is it will disappear from the rankings for the “medal displays” terms.