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bb1, post: 206268 wrote:
As part of your planning for any business, you should also look at your exit strategy, true today you may be thinking that you never plan on selling. But in 12 months or 12 years the circumstance may arise where you do want that lump sum, or other life issues overtake you and you need out. Plan your exit strategy at the start and it is so much easier. set you structure up with your exit strategy in mind, and that may include selling the whole, or selling little chunks.

Very true, and I’m going to give this some more thought.

JamesMillar, post: 206268 wrote:
If you had several different businesses reporting in the one company (one general ledger, one balance sheet, one profit and loss) then analysing the individual performance of each will be problematic. It can be done with sub accounts and tags but its not simple.

I realise this, and I think that the fact that everything goes through the one company will benefit me greatly. But you are correct in saying that it is probably going to be a bit of pain when analysing individual business performance, but this is the best structure that I’ve found this concept and am willing to put in the work.