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JacquiPryor, post: 206311 wrote:
Hi Joseph,

The short answer is – not necessarily.

When you registered the business name, you will have seen a ‘check list’ of sorts that ASIC displays during the process. This includes ensuring your chosen name doesn’t infringe the rights of any trademark owners in Australia. A registered trademark owner has the exclusive right to use the trademark for nominated goods/services – if you start promoting a business name for similar goods/services to a registered trademark then this could constitute infringement.

You can conduct your own searches at http://pericles.ipaustralia.gov.au/atmoss/falcon.application_start, or companies such as mine offer search services. (You can see a link in my signature below to our free search).

Amazing Thanks for you help! What if the trademark isn’t registered under the goods and services i’m selling ? Does that mean i’m in the clear?