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“What if the trademark isn’t registered under the goods and services i’m selling ? Does that mean i’m in the clear? “
Maybe and maybe not.
If it is totally different, probably.
If not, then probably not.
But probably does not mean definitely!
However there are other issues of note, including trademark dilution and tarnishing, both of which are significant in terms of words only trademarks in all classes.
“dilution” may be seen as lessening the worth of a trademark.
Example being Bunnings is trademarked for hardware. You take out a trademark registration for the word for pet food. Problems arise when people search for the name on google and find one or other. The incumbent is not going to allow you to register anything in any class that may divert clients elsewhere.
They’d do this by trademark opposition, which you will only be aware of some months after you first apply for a trademark.
You may recall Virgin, the airline business did a lot to stop people registering the word as a trademark for anything and it was in the news at the time.
In my view, if there is the faintest smell of anything amiss, any potential conflict or the like, go find another trademark to register and see someone who knows about registering trademarks to make sure it is even registerable in the first place.
All the best