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MartinN, post: 206313 wrote:
Hey ninebot – welcome to the forums.

networking and business opss – for sure; great to find a decent forum with some Aussie values. I’ve had my time around other forums but I seem to always come back here (it’s like coming home).

Checked out your site – oh man, I’d have a hoot getting around on one of those ;-)

You could be onto a winner here – good luck with the venture.

BTW, any plans attending expos or the like in Melbourne one day…

Cheers Martin and yes a hoot is exactly what they are not to mention a great :tool: in any workplace. as for Melbourne we are attending a couple of expos in 2015 and i believe one is definitely in Sydney and looking at what on around Melbourne worth attending http://www.inspireex.com.au/ninebot-inc-will-move-inspire-ex-visitors/