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quickbas, post: 206343 wrote:
The postage question:

Australia Post has become very expensive over the last few years, especially bigger parcels.

If you items are small, flat (under 20mm), and flexible, then qualify as letter mail, and postage is cheap. Boxes get pricey.

Australia Post has teamed up with eBay for an integrated postage system – see this link. This is still expensive for smaller items, but the larger 1kg and 3kg satchels/boxes are a bit cheaper than retail.

If you post more than 1000 items per year, you may be qualified for Australia Post’s eParcel system, which has more features (e.g. signature on delivery is included), and cheaper for bigger items.

There are a variety of private shippers around, some highly recommended on this forum. Some I have seen mentioned (but not personally used) are SmartSend and Sendle. Thes may be a cheaper option than Australia Post.

You may consider taking a small hit by absorbing part of the shipping cost yourself, especially if you are selling high-priced items with a higher margin. Customers can be put off by high postage costs, but find flat rate costs (e.g. “$10 to anywhere in Australia”) attractive.

If you are sourcing your items from overseas, especially China/Hong Kong, you can use drop shipping – overseas source delivers straight to your customer without going via you. Postage from China is dirt cheap, much cheaper than posting within Australia. However, postage times will be longer, perhaps less secure, less trackable, and customer satisfaction may not be as high.

I will check out those shipping suppliers. As for dropshipping, not really a fan. I prefer to have control of the stock so I know exactly what my customers will be getting.
So $7.20 is pretty much as cheap as it will get for postage, unless my items qualify as letter mail. That’s incredibly steep!

Thanks again :)