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anto, post: 206374 wrote:

We are a Vic based company and are about to take on a NSW based rep.
Part of the package is a car and our car dealer in Vic has said that we can, as a Vic based company give the new start a Vic reg car to use in NSW long term without any issues. As a company we can do this as an individual you couldn’t.

Does anybody have any experience of this, I am having trouble getting any firm information and no offence to car dealers but I need to get more concrete evidence!

Thank you


Strictly speaking I am sure the legislation (law) is written in a way to say the car must be registered in NSW if it is based here.

HOWEVER the huge number of Vic and Qld plated cars we have in Sydney (hire cars, compnay cars, even half my previously employer’s fleet was not NSW) means that I suggest it is not in any way enforced. A policeman who pulls over your employee could just be given the line “it is here temporarily while (insert excuse here)” and they are never ever going to be bothered following it up.

Cars are cheaper to register in Vic and Qld so that is why it is done so much.