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alliedib, post: 206476 wrote:
I would go to the following website and see if you require a policy: http://www.vwa.vic.gov.au/insurance-and-premiums/worksafe-insurance/do-i-need-a-policy . Bear in mind too that Telstra may ask you for a Certificate of Currency for WC (just like PI and Liability) so even though you may not require one by law, you may need to obtain cover just to satisfy Telstra.

To take out a policy, you need to contact a Workcover agent and arrange cover. The premiums are set by Workcover so all agents charge the same (based on the same information).
Alternatively you can call an insurance intermediary and they can do it for you (usually on a fee for service basis) – if you need help in finding one PM me and I can refer to you one (I don’t handle Vic WC but I know a firm that does).



Thanks Mark , this is sorted out now as my agency told me this afternoon that workcover would be provided by them because of 80/20 rule i.e. as my earning are more than 80% from them so they will take care if it.

Would appreciate if someone can help me other remaining points.