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Tommei, post: 206453 wrote:
Hi Paul,

Thank you for the pointers you have given. I do read up on forums quite a lot and am part of a few, although more regular on social media these days.

I have enquired into doing jobs for dealerships, although they all seemed to be looking for full time working hours or people who do dont exactly do specialised services.

Would love to get the right contacts and have a constant customer base, I suppose I will have to work with time and put myself out there, perhaps meeting more in the automotive scene as well.

Cheers, Tommy

One way to contribute and not spam the forums is to offer expert advice to people that need it – DIYers. Whilst you might think that will be counter-productive it is not.

1. Those people will not be your customer anyway.

2. The people that read their posts may look you up if you are seen by the reader to be a helpful expert – the type of person they would like to do business.

There is normally a show off your ride type section in every auto forum – hang out there. Get to track days etc (hard life!)

Ask your customers to take business cards from you and if you are feeling cheeky, ask them to keep at least 1 in their wallet or purse… they generally will get asked about their cars a lot.

Keep in contact with your customers… your best customers will want their cars treated every 3 months, 6 months or 1 year – send them email or sms reminders.

A lot of new models are coming out this year. Let the forums know you want to work on the new model and will do so cheaply… this would not be considered spam in most forums.

Then post the pics of the results.

Good luck again