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JohnTranter, post: 206539 wrote:
Hey Wendy,

I’d be interested to hear about the reasons behind your decision to useBigcommerce rather than Shopify.

Functionally the site seems fine. You have phone number prominently displayed, the checkout is simple to use, the site is easy to navigate.

From a design point of view, which is not my area, I think the site needs a bit of polish.
For example the drop down menu items under ‘Shipping’ need a bit of padding.
The grey header seems quite large, I didn’t notice the menu at first. Did you squeeze in the “Free Shipping on Orders over $100”, because that seems to have expanded it.


Hi John

Thanks for the feedback.

It is still a work in progress and you are spot on about the grey header bar. I am still trying to work out how to get the “Free Shipping” to appear between the “search” and the FB “like button” rather than where it is. As you say this has caused the grey header bar to expand too much.

Same with the drop down menu under shipping. The look of that changed when I changed the side bar menu to rounded corners with shading. So I need to work out how to fix that too.

Why did we decide to go BigCommerce rather than Shopify? Initially it was because it was an Aussie company and we presumed you could pay in Aussie dollars. With the exchange rate going the way it is plus foreign exchange fees we thought this might be more cost effective. But they will only accept payments in US dollars! But we decided to go ahead anyway from a “don’t have all your eggs in one basket” point of view. And there is no cost saving by having multiple websites with either Shopify or BigCommerce.

Also from a web design point of view we wanted to see if the functionality and design was as good, better than Shopify.

We don’t have a technical background, but so far so good. Although clearly I still have lots to learn.

Thanks again John.