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Study’s Fun, post: 206517 wrote:
Hi All, I would like to see if anyone can share their experience marketing a new business to parents and students in Australia.

I launched a website, http://www.tutorsfield.com.au in March 2014. It’s a website that helps parents and students to find local music teachers and tutors. Also, it’s a website where people can search for discounted lessons in Australia.

Competitions – There are some tutor or music teacher searching websites on the internet, however we distinguish our website in the following ways.

1. User friendly and Relevant – we only show tutors near the students (within 30km)

2. All parents and students will receive a safety checklist after sending enquiry to tutors, and we allow tutors to upload their working with children check status and number on our website

3. Search discount – we allow tutors to post current discounted lesson on our website, while the other tutor searching websites do not have this feature

4. A modern layout an design

Now – we have approx. 1,000 tutors and music teachers register with us. But we only have very few parents and students using our website (by looking at the number of enquiry).

I’d really appreciate it if anyone can share their thoughts with us and let us know any good, free, or affordable channels that we can use and advertise to parents.

Thanks : )

Firstly, I agree with those who mentioned the importance of SEO. Optimizing your site will be paramount to being found in a crowded market.

Secondly, think about the first impressions of your site and what people see in the first few seconds when they arrive.

From what you said in your message here on this thread, your site and objectives sound great, but looking at your website these important facts aren’t noticeable immediately on your home page. Even the about page doesn’t really give enough detail to instill confidence in the potential user.

You mentioned how you only show tutors in a 30km radius and you also mentioned the safety check lists – these things should be visible on first landing on your site, so those new to your site can think ‘hey, this looks like a useful and reputable service’ and then hang about to check out the site further.

Hope this helps. If you need anything further let me know. :)