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I’d 100% agree with all the above, especially SEO and ensuring your landing pages have all the hot-button questions answered.

I think you should definitely have have a chat to schools. As KidsActivitiesDelivered mentioned, newsletters are good. However you might want to have a chat to different school departments, e.g., Music Department, Maths Department, etc. They could potentially hand out a flyer to the classes. The teachers might also be tutors and want to sign up to your service as well, so its two birds with one stone.

Also, consider the stay at home parent. What do they do whilst their child is at school. Do they go shopping? Do they go groceries? Do they work? Find ways to target them. Is it worth doing some local area marketing and handing out flyers at the shopping centre? Can you find strategic partners? Try find ways to target these parents

Do your tutors have their own website/newsletter/blog? See if they can also do a shout out. They are promoting your service, but are also promoting themselves, i.e., building credibility for both parties – especially with the various checks you have in place.

You can also try your hand at writing on someone else’s blog. See if there are education type blogs. It might be best to look for niche, i.e., music blogs or maths blogs. See if you can publish something about the importance of maths/music or something that would appeal to the blog owner. This would add credibility to you and and could generate visitors back to your website. This also helps with SEO