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katehonor, post: 206581 wrote:
I am starting an online fashion boutique but can’t seem to find the wholesalers.
I am looking at stocking brands like, all about eve, ninie, noughts and crosses, ava and lioness.. those types of brands. if someone could help me out or point me in the right direction it would be soo greatly appreciated!!

Thanks :)

Hi Kate!

I only recently set up my online boutique (pet products/gifts) so I’m quite new to this as well. But I found the following things helpful in trying to locate suppliers:

  • attend trade shows – the Reed Gifts Fair is coming up and provided you have your business set up (have an ABN etc) then I’m pretty sure it’s free to attend. It’s a great opportunity to speak to different suppliers and make contacts. I think there were some fashion suppliers there last time I went.
  • look at similar products in stores or even online that you want to stock and try to ascertain the manufacturer/distributor’s details (usually you can find the name and sometimes even the website on the product’s tag!).
  • If all else fails… Google. Google the names of the brands you want and then ‘Australian distributor’ after it and see what you find!

I found that some suppliers were (naturally) reluctant to sell to me as a new business without an existing website. So you might find it useful to get some mock-up product pages of your website ready to send potential suppliers. I found being able to supply sample screen-shots of my website before it was launched was a good way to reassure the supplier of my legitimacy and intention to build a high quality site. However, there are some suppliers that just won’t sell to you until you have an operational website!

Hope this was a little useful! Like I said I’m new to the game as well so thought I’d share my experience. I wish you all the best in your new endeavour!! It’s such an exciting time for you!

EDIT: Forgot to add… Etsy Wholesale is another really cool way to find unique, smaller designers who are willing to sell their items at wholesale quantities and prices! I just love it! Unfortunately, you do need to apply and the approval process is pretty strict… I needed to have my website up and running before I got approved. But just thought I’d add this as an option for you later down the track because you can get some awesome, unique stuff!!