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bb1, post: 206688 wrote:
First I would be very careful as you seem to be under the impression that becuase you dont have an ABN you are not a business. I think that you will find from the detail you have given here, if you used the ATO’s eveluation of business or Hobby you would come up as a business.

An ABN does not make you a business, and unless you are turning over $75K a year, you dont legally need an ABN to run a business.

If you are now trying to sell it, and from you have said here, you are, than you are a business, and subject to normal taxation, etc.

I’ve considered the hobby vs business question and also went through the ABR assessment for registering an ABN.

Generally it seems I am borderline but when completing the ABN assessment I actually fell into the category of not being a business. It’s a bit of a conundrum because I could be considered as running a business and thefore committing a tax offence, but if the ATO decides that I am not runing a business but have registered for an ABN I am also committing an offence.