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Hatching_It, post: 206707 wrote:
I think you’ve confused an ABN and registering for GST.

You need an ABN if you’re operating as a business (intending on making money)

You need to register GST when you foresee turning over $75k+ in a financial year.

No confusion at all, a fact that even a lot of accountants are not aware of is that an ABN is not compulsory to run a small business. It only becomes a compulsory requirement if you are over 75K or want to register for GST.

I am not saying you shouldnt get one, in fact I would suggest that you do as there are withholding requirements and other factors in not having one. But it is not compulsory.

And the fact still remains if you have not obtained an ABN it still doesnt mean that in the view of the tax office you are not running a business. If you are importing goods with the intention of making a profit, and even going to the extent of selling you Ebay store, well I dont need to say much more. You dont become a distributor as a hobby.