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Byron Trzeciak
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Forensic01, post: 206684 wrote:

I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge of ‘Google my business’? In particular, I want people to be able to leave reviews for my business. But, on doing some research, it seems that this function is linked to presence on google maps. Ie you need to have a physical address that google can verify?

Am I understanding this correctly. And if so, can you make this work if you don;t have a physical address. I run a consultancy service and use a PO Box (which google won’t accept as a verified address). For security reasons due to the nature of my business, I never give out my home address.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? My aim really is to increase our internet presence, increase our SEO and provide introduce a review system.

Many thanks


Hi Helen,

Everything you’ve said is true and Google does require a physical address to create a Google My Business account. I have seen businesses in the past use addresses in the capital cities even though they work from home in the suburbs and I presume they do that through organising with a friends work or have some rented desk space possibly. Obviously not the best option either.

There is supposedly an option to hide your address by saying you deliver goods and services at another location. Coming from an IT forensic background I’d still be wary of this and presume you might be too.

The structure and optimisation of your website can also help you improve location based searches. You mention North Parramatta on your contact page however this might be better in the footer so that it’s mentioned on every page. Blog posts where you discuss locations can also benefit.

There are numerous opportunities on your website to improve SEO so I’d recommend either some SEO training or an SEO audit with onsite optimisation to resolve findings. On quick review these are some things you could improve
– Meta Titles & Descriptions
– Human readable URLs ie. http://independentforensicservices.com.au/parramatta
– You have a page call ifs that has nothing on it but is included in all your URLs http://independentforensicservices.com.au/ifs/
– non responsive i.e. doesn’t adapt to mobile screen resolutions..