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Thanks Byron!

I think this SEO stuff has to be the biggest challenge I face – I am trying hard to understand it, but I appreciate it’s a whole field of it’s own!

Yeah, I had worked out that people use an alternate address – and even looked at using one of those rented office address services, but the trouble is I couldn’t hide the address, and didn’t want people to think I was actually located at that address!

The trouble is that our location is more or less irrelevant – we don;t want to focus on where we are based at all, as we are able to do all our work remotely – we can even attend court via video link, so our geographical location is not something we advertise.

Meta titles/tags is something I had included (or at least thought I had!). And I have no idea what the /IFS page is! And the non-responsive issue I guess must be due to our wordpress template?!

I was hoping that google business might just give us another avenue to work on – but now I am not so sure.

By the time I can afford to pay someone to help me with my SEO, I will have more work that I need, so won’t need the SEO expert – the irony!

Thanks again Byron :-)