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FS Concierge, post: 206750 wrote:
Hi namedroppr,

I’m not the right person to comment on your questions, but I did want to give you a warm welcome to the forums.

You may need to give us a bit more info before any of the brains trust here can advise you, so if there’s a way that you can update this thread without giving away any info you’re not ready to, I recommend that you do that.

Thanks for joining us,

Hi Jayne,

Thank you. And yes I realise the information was a bit vague.

My initial and core business is an online model whereas I can start producing revenue from a non online source. I don’t want the online brand to suffer moving forward by perceptions that it is something else…..Again probably a bit vague.

I guess the question is. Do I start a PTY company and have 2 two businesses running under that to maintain brand integrity or ‘morph’ the brand as I move forward…?