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BrisVegasGhost, post: 206785 wrote:
I am in the process of getting quotes to have a website built.
I will require to have credit card payments, paypal and shipping costs available to the seller.
I will be updating stock and information on a regular basis.

I have quotes ranging from $12,000 to $25,000. One company advised me to spent an extra $5,000 per month for online marketing.

Has anyone had any experience in doing your own website? Some people have suggested the likes of elance, 99 designs, weebly and wix.

All my quotes have been Australian companies and all correspondence has been done via email. Has anyone here outsourced to have a website built or have built it yourself?

As others have said, price can vary depending on functionality. In saying that, $12k-25k still seems on the high side.

Don’t underestimate your online marketing cost, whether it be SEO, PPC or whatever. Having a really slick website will do nothing for you if you don’t have customers visiting the site.