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MikeG, post: 217134, member: 69071 wrote:
– 10GB of basic server, no ssl, + 1 free domain,+few bits = 89 aud pa

Mike you accidentally listed this in your opening statement rather than your errors list.

To explain..


Magento will allow your customers to signup/register at checkout which requires entering their email address and password. It’s unacceptable in this day and age to send that data over a non encrypted connection, especially when consumers will likely use that combination in other services such as email (which can be used to gain access to any other service with an email password reset option).

Please please please rectify your SSL situation, this will also likely be required when you add card transactions to your website.

I’m also surprised that you’ve spent so little on a mission critical service (your hosting), I’m sure you’re aware of GoDaddy’s shared hosting reputation and Magento’s hunger for system resources. You’d be much better looking at a host that provides Magento optimised hosting packages. Yes it might cost you an extra couple of hundred dollars a year, but depending on how slow your website runs you may lose far more volume in sales than the extra hosting costs.