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matthewbell, post: 217463, member: 69137 wrote:
WOW $4k is a lot for a site. Feel free to check out my site including the portfolio and if you like the designs I’d be happy to help. Average price for website similar to my one is $499 and for webshop $899…
As many revisions as you need until you love it.

Good to hear you are getting out face to face. If I get out and walk a stretch of businesses, I will pick up a client or two within a few hours usually. It still is a great way to meet clients.

Regards, Matt

My note to BrisVegas, just remember if you are offered a fixed quote of this nature, on the scant specifications you have supplied, you are goig to get the base bones of a skeleton, or there will be constant “”oh you wanted that”” lets add another $X dollars to the price.