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bb1, post: 206818 wrote:
My main comment is that a cleaning business is a personal business, people have to feel comfortable with letting you into there business or home, often when they are not home. They need to know you, feel comfortable with you, to let you through their front door.

i look at your website and I dont see anything of that nature, you are anonymous, unseen, no name, only contactable throu a PO box or a 1300 number (nothing wrong with 1300). But you need to personalise it, give me a name, an address, or a something that makes me beoieve that you are offering me a personal service so that i will let you through my front door. Sure I guess you will come out and give me a quote and I will meet you then, but my first contact with you is through an anonymous website. If I had the choice between you and the guy/gal on the next website, who has a name and something more, I know who will get the oportunity to quote.


Thank you for your feedback.:)

I understand it looks a little cold but im trying to market to commercial companies only and not residential.

That is why there is no face behind the webpage, Also i am young and people tend to overlook companies with young directors, in saying that it would be nice to have more personalized photos e.g. of me and staff on-site doing jobs.

Maybe that would help personalize it a bit more, do you think ?.