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Can I suggest you may be over planning this? Why worry about all the stuff that is going to happen when this gets successful before it’s got any traction? I’d scale way back. Here’s an alternate plan:

1 – register .com and .org addresses. Forget about .au unless you’re targeting ONLY an Australian audience. You don’t need any business registration to buy .com/.org addresses, just $10 a year. Point the .org to the .com
2 – Get a blog running, fill it with teasers like art and gameplay videos.
3 – Also set up youtube/facebook/instagram/pinterest accounts with the same name, and link back to your site.
3 – Set up an email list on the site so that people can subscribe to follow along, email people updates.

At this stage you own the social media accounts, the domain name, and the community (started through the mail list), what else matters? All produced artifacts (art/code/music) are copyright by default. It would be super hard for anyone else to trademark since you would have all prior usage. If it becomes wildly successful, make out trademarks, and consult a lawyer about taking out other protection.

And again, worry about company structure only once you have a decent amount of traction. No point spending a lot of time doing things you don’t need yet…

Just my 2c.