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chaase, post: 207850 wrote:
It never ceases to amaze me the self-appointed experts who will not listen to other peoples views without belligerently challenging every piece of information being shared…

Google gives some very good insights on what they are expecting.



Remember there is more than one way to skin a cat and differing opinions on what works. A bit of research on SEO Roundtable, Moz etc details the relationship between speed and ranking. And whilst Cutts is not around Muellers videos further detail expectations.

Hi Bruce,
I should explain. I’ve been a practicing Internet marketer and SEO since 1994. I subscribe to around 14 daily update services related my profession. I don’t claim to be the best but it will be hard to find one who’s been around longer or who studies harder. :)

Let’s be clear on what I’ve said – load speed is very important as a usability factor.

To focus only on the impact of load speed on Google’s ranking…

When I see a ranking algorithm factor that’s escaped my net, I want to know about it. I also know that there is a lot of misundertood and misquoted information cited. That’s why I ask for sources and references.

I was disappointed to find that I could not find one reference from your long list that contradicted what I said about Google, load speed and ranking, viz.:

“Google has stated that it may use load speed as a ranking factor in future but I have not read anything to indicate that this has been implemented yet.”

As to CDNs and load speed…

Here is an hour long video from another page on the Google Developer’s site:

PageSpeed Module

“PageSpeed can be deployed and customized for individual web sites, as well as being used by large hosting providers and CDNs to help their users improve performance of their sites, lower the latency of their pages, and decrease bandwidth usage.”

If folk watch this long video from Google about site load speed they will see that it is a very complex, multi-factorial issue and that load speed elements need to be addressed on a CDN as much as any other hosting service.