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MissSassy, post: 206926 wrote:
Something to remember with this type of business is why will people buy from you as opposed to going and doing it themselves.

If you have a lower quality product then you run the risk of this exact thought.

Any business needs to set itself apart to create a tribe of interested followers so be cautious – If you are planning to buy cheap frames and then print on your cheap printer, the results may also be quite cheap.

Inspirational quotes done with beautiful typography and framed beautifully will have much more appeal for people wanting that item to hang in their home or office. Create a business that others look up to and want to buy from because they will not or could not easily create something so lovely.

Thanks for your advice. I have access to a high quality printer and have already created works of a high quality basis with following. My products like frames I haven’t started sourcing yet but I was just using stores like them as an example as it’s easier to refer to something when asking for help.

I’m quite confident given my design capabilities and so forth and it’s more of a hobby adventure to start with.

Appreciate the advice though!