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Hi Tony

There are SO MANY WAYS to improve your knowledge in your small business without spending massive amounts of money.

You can access online education, read forums and informations hubs like this one or find yourself a business coach or business adviser with the knowledge you are looking for but that will not send you broke in the process.

Perhaps you need to see an adviser for a few sessions here and there as you can or as your feel you need so expertise to add. Business building as you have described takes strategic planning and this is where you need to begin.

There is never a one size fits all approach and unfortunately this is what a lot of these expensive franchise coaches offer. Having said that there is a place for them and some people do very well with that type of approach.

If you are looking getting a business adviser to help you then I suggest you look for ones that offer an initial session for no cost and one that has an ongoing cost you can afford. There are HEAPS to choose from and chances are you will find one with industry specific knowledge that will help to take your business to the next level.