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NJG, post: 206945 wrote:
Hi we are an Australian company and located in Melbourne, I think maybe you have missed the idea, sites such as eBay do not allow sellers to record negative experiences with buyers you can only record positives, as a result every buyer on eBay has a great record. This site allows people to record any negative experiences with buyers so the selling community can be aware of them. A buyer recently claimed a refund through Paypal but also refused to return the goods but his eBay feedback makes him appear to be an excellent customer, this site would warn other sellers about him. Every buyer reporting website only records the negatives, as that is the point of the website to weed out the negative buyers you do not wish to deal with

Sorry no I have not missed the idea. I understand about Ebay not allowing sellers to leave negative feedback, and personally I see it as a problem, but I still see problems with your solution.

As per my original post, anyone checking your site will still think that this person is a bad person to deal with, because it shows a single negative, whereas they may have 100’s or thousands of positives on Ebay, but if they just check you site they are bad buyers.

But the other thing as well is that in reallity as a seller you dont actually get much of a chance to prequalify buyers anyhow. You have an item up for sale, and the buyer just comes along and either bids or does a buy it now. You don’t get a real option (unless unpaid item strikes) to say before they bid, lets go check anon’s web site to see if they have negatives. Sure I guess after they have purchased you can, but not sure what benefit that will give you.