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Hello All,

Just wanted to give an update.

Took advise from you all, I wanted to take 3 products out of the 12 products, these 3 are up to scratch.

Assuming each product is $100, I paid 60% of 12 products, 60% x 1200=720.

I requested my supplier refund me 720-(3 products price) and $100 postage costs.


After a few discussions,

My supplier had come back with 2 options.

1. Do not pay the remaining 40%($480) but add another 200 USD to cover shipping costs (on condition of taking all goods-defective or not)

2. Refund 15% of my proposed $320 to cover his own manufacturing costs. But mail out my 3 products.

What do I think I should do? I’m leaning towards option 2 but feel the 15% is way too low. I did suggested go halfway (50%) but the supplier said it’s too much.

Appreciate any comments. Thanks.