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Natalie Khoo
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Hello Bryce, congrats on setting up the space. I’ve worked in various co-share spaces and my input would be nurturing the social vibe as much as possible, while giving people the ability to separate themselves if they’re really busy i.e. a quiet corner or nook, separate meeting room, or ensuring the chatter is confined to areas like the water cooler or dining table. Popping beers in the fridge on Fridays also goes a long way fostering rapport and a relaxed environment. I also found that similar age groups and businesses of the same maturity and industry were good together. It sounds a bit awful but you don’t really want to have start ups hassling more established businesses for advice on an ongoing basis unless you know that business is really generous with their time. Being receptive to feedback from your tenants is also very important – otherwise they’ll just look for somewhere else! Good luck!