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Johny, post: 207100 wrote:
I can’t answer the part about fairs in Oz, but as for fair in HK/China I wrote something about them here:-


If you intend to go to the Canton fair in China, there are 3 different stages which relate to different categories. So need to check which one is best suited. They also generally have a few fairs in HK around those same times so you can go to a couple within the same trip if you want.

I can’t tell you what is the best thing to do, but can offer some opinions based on what I would do.

You need to have a plan. If you just go with the intent of “having a look and maybe finding something” you are just as likely to not find anything because there will be too much choice.

I personally don’t think fairs are that good for “starting with as small quantities as I can get”. There are a small number of opportunities to buy in small quantities but most of the places that sell at these places are selling higher MOQ’s, that will be in the hundreds and thousands.

Fairs can be a good way of seeing what is out there, but aren’t necessarily the best option or best value for everyone.

Wise words of wisdom in this post on many levels from preparing for the trip through to MOQ’s and the likes.. Especially on the ‘product research’ part.

Personally, i have taken many people across with me to the Canton fair and each find it a little overwhelming especially when i sit with them and ask what they want to achieve from the trip.. Most find it quite confronting, then we take it to the next level and stop at Starbucks before hitting the fair itself to plan what path we will take and where to meet towards the end of the day. Its seriously like planning an expedition :)

Low and behold though, if you are looking for local advice on local fairs i feel that the local fairs are a little simpler to navigate although it is still imperative that you plan or have an idea on what you are looking for in order to discuss more appropriately with potential suppliers.

Suppliers dislike nothing more than people asking general queries and yet do not know which ports, quantities, price points etc etc

So research research and research :)

Good luck

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