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Hi PR Girl

Although i understand your dilemma on the surface, i am going to take a rather radical diversion to others who are suggesting to either a) hold down both roles or b) take up the dream job + back burner the business… and go with c!

What is C? Really it is related to your comments, your initial post and reading your enthusiasm for the DREAM JOB OFFER! If you are asking us the question and posing most of the positives in your language towards the job and career and international travel opportunities i feel that you have already internally made a decision that the job is the best choice and i personally would be recommending this.

Most of your comments about your business are about just being able to pay the mortgage, working already with this client and so forth. Further to this, with the replies you also appear to be subconsciously dismissing them by saying its too hard to run both, or a killer or whatever…

Again, far from being negative just reading between the lines and how your disposition appears to be in favour of the ‘dream job’. As you are relatively new, i dont really ‘know’ you as such so am just reading this post on its face value and reading between the lines a little.

Personally, it sounds like an awesome opportunity for someone willing to work for another.. Although if it was me, i am unsure there would even be a decision as i love working for myself regardless of finances or travel etc etc..

Let us know your decision or how you progress.

Good luck

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