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Hi Naomi,


In terms of keeping start up costs you can definitely start with the generic stuff to get sales happening and keep costs low.

That being said we did not have to go though the process of getting custom moulds for soles (shoes) – we simply chose from the many soles they had and had our brand printed on the sole insert and the packaging.

If your product is good and relatively new nothing you do will stop people eventually finding the supplier and trying to have a go themselves which is why building your own brand is critical. How else do these newcomers get sales unless they undercut you?

Once the manufacturer started selling to ebay sellers we simply stopped buying their brand and pushed out own brand. Simple as that.

By that time we had solid rankings in Google that were generating good traffic.

In terms of the website, Shopify or Big Commerce are good robust options to go to market. alternatively you could use Woocommerce.

For visibility in Google you are going to need to get two things right.

1) Your onsite optimisations so Google knows what your pages are all about. At the risk of being a little “pitchy” I sell a training product called Instant Google Visibility which is all about optimising your website. You can read more about it here: https://www.facebook.com/OnlineKickstart/posts/706882502743055

2) The second thing you’re going to need is links. Start with making sure the business is listed in all of the quality local directories,not the dodgy ones..that will get you started and give you some time to start getting press or working out other ways to get quality links to your website.

Good luck – Ecommerce is challenging but rewarding.