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Kathy – Identity Shop
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JWK, post: 207287 wrote:

I have launched a consulting firm http://www.ketterandassociates.com that works with non-profit organisations.

Putting yourself in the seat of a non-profit decision maker who is under-resourced and seeking expertise to help in the area of fundraising, operations management, and board/volunteer development what is your reaction to my website (look, content, etc.).

Thanks in advance for any and all comments. Warm regards, Jason

Hi Jason,

There is still a bit to do on your website, but you have obviously learned a lot in a short time. Content needs filling out with a minimum 300 words per page. Be clear and confident and tell your audience who you are and what you do, then show them with examples and testimonials. There is also SEO etc to consider in your content etc.

The site also needs to be mobile friendly.

It is rather late 11:50pm so I’ll chat more tomorrow, if you like.