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allyoop, post: 207408 wrote:
Hi was looking my self to getting government grants now that i have seen you post i will think again about it

Hello Allyoop

I have learnt from this experience and as Wendy has mentioned below http://www.business.gov.au is the area that you can look at for government funding.

Just a word of caution some of the Business Enterprise Centres may not be a fully aware and awake service either. Be up front early in the conversation as to the reason why you are calling them and what your circumstances are. Otherwise you may be paying for information and classes when you do not need to. This is if you are a NEIS candidate be very upfront otherwise they will ask for payment without checking with you if you are a NEIS candidate.

I recently had this conversation and paid for a class and was going to pay for another class for a couple of days following. The classes are heavily subsidised and very reasonably priced. I was sent an email confirming the payment had gone without details of the class. I had remembered from the conversation I had with the BEC that I went to, the mention of a time in the afternoon which I was going to double check on the morning of the day of this class. Only to find out that I had completely missed the class. A confirmation of the time for this class was not sent to me in a timely manner and my number was not taken at the time I paid for the class over the phone. I was then told by the staff that it ‘would be difficult’ to refund the money via credit card and that a cheque could be posted which I would receive in 5 days.

Needless to say I was very unhappy but at no time was I asked if I was either going on Newstart with the intention of being a NEIS candidate nor when I called to check on the class and get the refund because I had missed was I asked if I was a NEIS candidate. The tone changed immediately when I told them I was a NEIS candidate. I was pretty tough on the girl that I was talking to and said that the ACCC would be hearing about. The provide I went through also told me to contact human services for whom she gave me a number and they were very interested in both stories and talked at length. I can’t say though that they were that helpful but at least they know that these stories happen to ‘newbies’.

To cut a long story – I contacted a separate provider for the NEIS program who told me that I could only be considered for the program if I was qualified in the area that I was requesting for funds in. I am not government qualified although I do have certificates and diplomas in the area that I am interested in. The reason I was looking for government funding was to do further study and to set up the small business.

I have given up on the funding idea for either study or setting up the business and going on my own. If I need to study I will either pay monthly instalments with the college or use the VET HELP facility that is available. I have yet to decide on this.

So I hope that wasn’t too long winded.