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Welcome to the forum.

As you must be aware, you need to have at least some money to start a business. We don’t know much about your background to suggest anything.

To get your website up and running you will need to have a hosting account. Search on the web there are some cheap plans available as low as $5 per month to start with. There are some Australian web hosts who are pretty cheap too. If you are not ready to pay someone to build your website then you will need to learn how to build one. There are open source shopping carts etc available if you do the research but it won’t be as good as a website that is developed by a professional.

Since you have identified your product then try looking on alibaba for manufacturers. But there are minimum that you will need to purchase. Talk to them and get their selling price add shipping costs, any duties and taxes, storage etc to arrive your total cost. Add your margin to arrive at your selling price. Compare your price with your competitors or on amazon or ebay to ensure you are competitive in the market.

I hope that gives you some basics.