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Ricky King
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Thank you so much for all your feed back !
I’ll take it all under advisement!
it means a lot to me.

Thank you!
I’m fully aware of hosting options… i have actually signed up for Ipage…
but sadly my web designer fell through :(.
and i have tried using Alibaba sadly i couldn’t find anyone i trusted :(

Thank you!
i will actually look into this Google Plus!
and thank you for your feed back !
i currently am using Ipage… so I’ll see if i can set up a page and I’ll come back for feedback !
thank you!

Also thank you!
How could I go about finding how to get these licenses?
and cant I buy it through a suppliers under there licenses?
as for the Sydney gift fair i had heard about it and really wanted to go… but sadly my fiancée is locked into work.

Thank you all again !
it really does help me, iv been struggling for a fair while to wrap my head around business… I feel like I’m in the dark just guessing where the door is.