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Hi Chris, you mention it is 2m wide what is the diameter of the role? Where are you based and what cities were you looking at sending to?

Happy to have a look at a couple of our carrier partners to see if they can assist.



Chris2013, post: 207392 wrote:
Hi all,

I am here to get some advise on Interstate delivery of bulk items.

My product weights around 150kg a roll and it comes in 2m width. We are doing well locally and at the moment we are looking at expanding our market interstate. However, we could not locate any affordable logistic solution that matches what our competitor are providing interstates.

Example 2m wide roll weighing at 150kg and the freight charges are only around $150 delivered across state. Most of the quotes I have received from various logistic company ranges from $250 and above.

Am I doing something wrong?