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Thanks for that Chris.

Pricing wise you face a couple of challenges as number of carriers do charge over 1.99 m so at 2m you do get that extra charging plus even though it weighs 150kg the dimensional weight is much higher. Also with delivery to residential it means a Tailgate truck has to be used as they won’t have a forklift available so all these do add up.

That being said, through our system can get Adelaide to Melb 2m x 80cm x 80cm @150kg for $165

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Chris2013, post: 207662 wrote:
Hi Pete,

Thanks for the reply. We are based in Adelaide. We are looking at Melbourne at the moment as its just right next to Adelaide geographically but ultimately we are looking at statewide expansion (it all comes down to freight cost to the other states).

Diameter of the roll ranges from 40cm to 80cm max.

Pickup location has forklift to assist with loading.

Delivery location is residential.