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Felix CBA
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Hi Jason;

Thanks for your comment and warm welcoming message.

I have noticed that there are some area that maybe I can help or assist from a start up business’s perspective or business owner’s perspective.
My expertise is in the residential lending which including investment purpose as well.

I will like to invest some time look through finance section as well as few others, see how I can make myself useful for the members on the forum.

In terms of my office, as a mobile I am fully mobilized in terms of where I do business (hope this make sense), company fully paid all the expenses, car and gears to make sure that we can work anywhere we like.

But I live in Box Hill area.


SimplyReplica, post: 207542 wrote:
Hi Felix

Welcome aboard… Glad to have a personal lender on board, especially considering you are mentioning that you are seeking referral partners.. There are quite a few finance peeps, accountants and the likes on the forum although they may already be tied up with aggregators and the likes.

Please do jump in on any finance queries, as David suggests there are many lending queries which start as business and sometimes migrate to personal. Although you are personal lender, you may be in a position to elaborate on people wanting personal lending for commercial applications that creates a debate from time to time.

Again, happy to have you on board.. Without sounding ‘rude’, if you have the skill set to deal with commercial lending/small business lending please chime in or if its a little left of field to the consumer lending you sit just let people know or else you will get inundated ;)

Look forward to seeing you around..


ps. Geographically where are you in Vic – which centre do you run from?