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Smart LS, post: 210251 wrote:
Hi Jason,

We are a new 3pl business located in Slough Business Park, Silverwater. We can provide you shared space within our warehouse. For more information, please visit our website http://www.smartlogistics.net.au.
You can email or call us to discuss your requirements and the pick/pack rates.
Thank you,
email:- [email protected]

Hi Bisal

Hope you are well mate, and thanks for the reply.

As you are newish around here, may i suggest that you may want to pop along to the intro yourself section and maybe add a signature to your posts (from the control panel – grey bar at top of forum) with your email and web site? Only say this as jumping into a friendly forum like this and typing similar replies (albeit relevant :) ) to the OP’s with recommendations to web site and email is sometimes frowned upon…

Personally, i find simply helping others with info and being forthright with knowledge is awesome to get positive opportunities from a place like this.. Its funny, most people will hit your email signature to have a squiz at what you do but if you post a reply with your info in it to garnish business (again albeit relevant, so definitely not having a go as such) it tends to be overlooked..

Make wishing you all the best though, and look forward to reading more about you in the Intro yourself section.


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