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John Debrincat
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Redbox, post: 207712 wrote:
Hi everyone,

I started my online electronics store Redbox Online about a year ago and would love some feedback, help, tips or any info about starting an online store. This is completely new for me and I have little to no experience in running a store. If anyone could give me a few pointers on these two following topics that would be great!!

1. Finding a reliable and affordable supplier
2. Website: http://www.redboxonline.com.au – tips and reviews please??

I’m new to this so any response will be greatly appreciated, thank you!

Hello Redbox,

I am not sure how serious you are about this but if you have been operating for a year have you made any sales? Your primary business is really eBay – stores.ebay.com.au/redboxonline?

There are only 4 products as far as I can tell and only 6 pages cached in Google. The products that you list have a duration on them so this is some kind of special offer site? Then the “buy it now” link goes to eBay! It is basically a front end to eBay.

  • The SEO on the site is terrible – no H1 or H2 tags – Titles need help
  • The explanation of what the site is all about does not exist.
  • Joomla is not a great platform to build an online store
  • Slow and took over 12 seconds for initial load
  • This could be a long list so I will stop there….

There are a lot of electronics product providers out there but you need to determine what it is that you want to focus on. You are also competing against a huge number of electronics resellers. Most will be reselling from one of the many distributors such as Ingram Micro, Synnex, Dicker Data, Alloys, Impact, Xit etc etc. The list is long. You need to contact some of those and setup a reseller account. Products sold are then shipped by the supplier.

There are specialty online store providers for IT resellers for example eCommerce Connections – http://www.ecommerceconnections.com.au/.