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In all honesty, i think you need to seek advice from the supplier you got the sample from or speak to someone you can disclose greater information too..

On the surface of the request, no they can not request that you do not sell the same products as them… The only exception is if they have licensing agreements in places etc that i am aware of.

Reason, you say “My competitor/previous supplier told me that I can’t sell same products as them” and this is a complete joke.. In many industries there are multiple suppliers of same products or similar and in the retail space there are many may stores selling the same products (identical) bought from various if not the same suppliers… EG: Coles and Woolworths, Bunnings and Masters, House and Myers, David Jones and Myers, etc etc

On the surface of it it sounds like the supplier who opted not to deal with you is now either a regretting the decision or b just doesnt want competition.. Neither are grounds for cease and desist. But i am not a lawyer.

Having posted this question, do you personally think something is not right in this situation? unethical or illegal? this is generally the right answer..

Also, if you new supplier is now sending you samples of said product the chances are they are allowed to in order to grow a new business avenue for them :)


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